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'Cotton and Wool'

'Cotton and Wool' is a new song written for the Eureka Centre by Ballarat musicians Justin ‘Hap’ Hayward (The Dead Salesmen) and Brodie Glen (The Brodie Glen Show, The Shorts).

Justin and Brodie joined us at the Eureka Centre to share their incredible knowledge of song writing by used the lyrics above: contributed by the public at our Songcraft drop-in activity. Members of the public were asked to suggest a word or phrase they felt reflected the 'Flag of the Southern Cross'. We had hundreds of submissions and were pleased with the warm response we received from the community for this project. This performance was recorded live on Wednesday 7 July as part of the 2021 Ballarat Winter Festival.



The Eureka Flag is an important object that you can see at the Eureka Centre. Here Kellie shows you how to make your own flag using stencils.