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The Yarrowee River: Peel To Prest


Saturday July 13, 2024


Eureka Centre Auditorium


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Join us for a discussion about a digital mapping project examining the history of the Yarrowee River, which like all waterways, is culturally significant and holds deep meaning to the Wadawurrung people. This collaboration between Federation University, the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Corporation and the City of Ballarat looks at the devastating effect of colonisation on the river. 

Known to the Wadawurrung people as Yaramlok, the river was irrevocably altered following the discovery of alluvial gold in Ballarat in the 1850s. As Ballarat's population grew and settlements expanded, mining, endemic flooding, pollution and disease outbreaks led to the transformation of the river, including its redirection through the instalment of bluestone channels. This project aims to improve the river’s environmental quality, local habitat and social value to the Ballarat community. 

Join us for a discussion about the cultural and historical significance of the Yarrowee River from immemorial through to the present day. This conversation will give special attention to recent efforts to interpret, protect and rehabilitate the river, guided by Wadawurrung custodianship and cultural knowledge. 

Dr David Waldron, Senior Lecturer in History, Federation University Australia

Shannen Mennen, Project Officer, Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation

Kelly Ann Blake, Gherrang/Biodiversity Project Officer, Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation and Master or Professional Archeology, La Trobe University

Image: Jager, O. E. Yarrowee Cr [i.e. Creek] Dredging Co’s Centrifugal Pump, 1899 [Picture]. 1899.

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